About the Author

I was born into a family of celebrators. Special occasions were recognized but ordinary days were full of ritual and tradition and considered as meaningful as the big events. Then, I was lucky enough to be surrounded by friends who recognized experiencing life through fun and silliness can be serious business. Enriching life through celebrations just became a part of who I am.

I envision this blog to be sort of a collaborative journey. Hopefully, you will come away with some ideas that you can incorporate into your own celebrations of life. Perhaps my stories will just rekindle fond memories or make you laugh. Either way, I’ll be celebrating with you. Every fun event starts with an invitation. Consider this my invitation for you to join me on this journey!


2 thoughts on “About the Author”

  1. Love the way you look at life. It’s inspiring to think of each day as a day to celebrate. It’s a conscious choice, isn’t it!

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